Prince Harry Meghan Markle Sex Photo Leaked. Naked Photos of Actress Leaks Online

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Sex Photo Leaked. Naked Photos of Actress Leaks Online

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Can the Prince Harry Meghan Markle relationship survive with the online leaks of the actress’ naked photos?

Naughty Gossip reports that someone has leaked an alleged nude picture of Prince Harry’s girlfriend MeghanMarkle.

According to the report, Markle was the one who sent out the photo with a suggestive message through Snapchat.

“It’s not clear whether the pic was sent to her new boyfriend, Prince Harry,” according to Naughty Gossip.

Markel Strips In A Scene In Suit Season 3

A Mirror Online report also showed footage of the actress stripping off a scene in Suits Season 3.

The scene shows Markle (Rachel Zane) in bed with co-star Patrick J Adams (Mike Ross). She was undressed and only had a blanket partly covering her.  The actor tells a story using his fingers running up the actress’ body.

The Mirror Online hinted the royal family would not be happy with the said footage.

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The bad press on the 35-year-old actress started when Prince Harry admitted he and the Suits star has been dating for a few months.

Prince Harry Anxious Over Girlfriend’s Security

In a statement, Prince Harry expressed concern over the safety and privacy of Markle and her family.

His office had been fighting to keep defamatory articles out of newspapers. These newspapers had offered bribes the actress ex-boyfriend, the statement says.

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The Sun had published an article about Markle appearing on adult website Pornhub. But the “steamy scenes” were not pornography but taken from Suits, according to New York Times.

The prince also condemned the “racial undertones” of British news coverage. He also decried the “outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

Markel’s mother is an African-American and her father is white.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle spent a few days together when the latter visited London. The actress was photographed while shopping.

Markle, however, went back to Canada because she was scheduled to continue filming the legal drama Suits.


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