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NFL Standings News: Tom Brady Reportedly Leaves Patriots for Donald Trump Cabinet; Wants to be Politician

Latest NFL Standings news has revealed Tom Brady’s political ambitions. Brady reportedly wants to ditch the New England Patriots for a seat in Donald Trump’s Cabinet. As per rumors, Brady now wants to be a politician and leave the Patriots.

The latest NFL standings updates have revealed how Tom Brady may be nursing political ambitions. The famed quarterback is reportedly keen on landing a place in Trump’s Cabinet. This has been the subject of several rumors though Brady has not come clean on his political aspirations.

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Brady is rumored to be a close friend of Donald Trump. The Daily Beast has reported how Donald Trump called Brady a “great guy, great friend of mine, great, great champion”. He said this at a New Hampshire rally only a few hours before the voting opened. This was the finishing touch to Trump’s campaign and he did mention his friend in his speech.

What Trump Also Said 

Trump also talked about how Brady called him and said: “Donald, I support you, you’re my friend”. He also talked about how Brady “is a champ and a winner and he is a great person”. Trump then talked of how he asked Brady whether the latter’s declaration of support could be communicated in the rally.

Brady then gave full permission to Trump to declare it to the crowd according to the then-Presidential candidate. However, Brady was quick to state later that he had not cast his vote yet. This went directly against Donald Trump’s claims.

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However, many are interpreting Brady’s remark of “today or tomorrow” (casting his vote) as false. Sources are talking about how early voting had already finished by the time Brady made this statement. There are also rumors of how Brady was concealing his open support for the Trump campaign.

Will Brady leave the New England Patriots for politics? He is currently focusing on getting his team up the NFL Standings. The match against the Seattle Seahawks is a big one indeed.

Watch his message to his fans here.

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