NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Tony DiNozzo Returns, but Gibbs Leaves Show After Finale

NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Tony DiNozzo Returns, but Gibbs Leaves Show After Finale

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Ratings continue to drop for the hit series NCIS season 14. And because of this, the cancellation rumor still looms over the CBS drama.

In our previous report, the exit of Michael Weatherly might be the reason for the numbers drop. Weatherly plays the character of Sr. Agent Tony DiNozzo from the first season up until season 13. He left the show to lead the new show Bull, still under CBS.

Also as previously reported, Weatherly is set to return anytime during the season. His new show, Bull, is also not doing well in the rating game, which is one of the reasons fans are confident that Weatherly will appear again.

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But when there is good news, there is also bad news. In a report by Parent Herald, sources are saying that NCIS season 14 lead star Mark Harmon will be exiting the long-running drama. Many fans noticed the actor, who play Jethro Gibbs, is becoming thinner. Sources further say that Harmon will finish the season and will be resting on season 15.

Friends of the actor feel that he needs a well-deserved rest to get back on his feet. They are concerned about his health and wants him to recover first before returning to the show.

Mark Harmon is America’s Favorite TV Personality

Harmon is recently announced as America’s Favorite TV Personality, bumping off Ellen DeGeneres who held the throne for three straight years. Because of this honor, NCIS season 14 is still very popular among TV viewers.

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Ellen DeGeneres is a sport about it and even dedicated one episode for the 65-year-old actor on her talk show. “Men like Mark Harmon, and women prefer me. Baby Boomers prefer Mark Harmon, and millennials like me. And so, if you put the two of us together, we’re the most popular person with everybody,” DeGeneres said.


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