MLB Dodgers Trade: Ian Kinsler Leaves Detroit Tigers for LA
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MLB Dodgers Trade: Ian Kinsler Leaves Detroit Tigers for LA

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MLB Dodgers Trade Talks are hinting at Ian Kinsler leaving the Detroit Tigers. He has reportedly decided to shift to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He will be a good replacement for Chase Utley at LA.

MLB Dodgers Trade rumors are abuzz with Ian Kinsler reportedly leaving the Detroit Tigers. Although nothing official has been confirmed yet, Kinsler may well be on his way out. The LA Dodgers have long been interested in Kinsler and now he will make  a perfect bet at second base.

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ESPN has reported that a replacement for Chase Utley is being sought by the LA Dodgers. The Dodgers are viewing Kinsler as a perfect solution in this regard. Kinsler has already had one of his best seasons overall with the Tigers.

He has 28 home runs, 83 RBI and 117 runs scored to show for his last season along with a .288 hit. He also snapped up his first ever Golden Glove award at the second base. The Tigers General Manager Al Avila has also added further fuel to these rumors.

Why The Tigers May Offload Kinsler? 

Avila has reportedly stated that the Tigers will be looking to shorten their payroll. The Tigers will also look to build a younger team in the off-season. Sources have stated that the Detroit Tigers have already informed Ian Kinsler about his name figuring in trade talks.

MLB Dodgers trade talks also confirm that Chase Utley will be a free agent. The Dodgers are hence looking for Kinsler to fill the vacuum. The Dodgers are also seeking improvements when it comes to left-handed pitching. This is one area where Kinsler is regarded as very competent.

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Kinsler has $11 million left for 2017 and his contract also stipulates a $10 million team option in the year 2018. Jon Morosi has also stated on Twitter that Ian Kinsler will be a perfect solution for the Dodgers. However, he has also talked of how no “substantive talks” have taken place with the Tigers so far.


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