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Fallout 5 Release News: Co-Op Game Mode Added; Obsidian to Create Game

Is Fallout 5 already in development? Will Bethesda’s next wasteland game feature co-op? Are New Vegas developers Obsidian back to work on the game?

We don’t know. Probably not. And no.

In that order.

But maybe I jumped the gun just a bit too early. There’s no denying that multiplayer and Obsidian are some of the biggest demands for the next Fallout title, but when it comes to rumors it’s best not to assume and think things through a bit. So let’s discuss these questions.

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Is Fallout 5 Already in Development?

While there have been several rumors up in the air regarding the development of Fallout 5, there has yet to be anything officially announced by Bethesda. While some rumors can seem incredibly valid (and perhaps subconsciously we want to believe them) they are still rumors in the end.

Let’s not forget the Survivor 2299 incident from a few years back. A fake website that hundreds of fans and outlets believed to be a teaser for Fallout 4.

Take everything with a grain of salt, especially when it’s not sent through official channels. No one other than Bethesda really knows if the game is in development already so it’s best to just be patient and wait for any official news.

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How About Co-Op?

People seem to really want some form of multiplayer in Fallout. Maybe not as a grand MMO like Elder Scrolls Online, but something smaller like co-op play with a friend. Yet at the same time, I can’t help but feel like doing so would just be detrimental to the game and unlikely to happen.

The Fallout franchise has its roots in the RPG genre. And though Bethesda seems to be moving farther and farther away from that genre with each new Fallout title, I’d like to hope that they still keep some of the core concepts in mind. And one of those core concepts in the old Fallout games is the feeling of loneliness.

Even when you had a companion with you, they were often nothing more than an extra gun — silent for the most part unless spoken to first. To add co-op, another human player, in that equation would just ruin the atmosphere that these games aim to create, in my opinion.

When you have another human with you, especially one with an microphone or sitting right next to you, Fallout becomes less immersive and more like, well, a game. It introduces a modern element that can quickly pull you out off the world.

Imagine standing on a high point in the wasteland, just observing your surroundings. Watching how the world has changed ever since the bombs dropped with nothing but the sound of silence and the wind around you. Now imagine that same picture but with a buddy of yours laughing for no reason in your ear, or maybe going around shooting NPCs in the face and screaming.

Personally I feel like it would just ruin what the series strives for.

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Well How About Obsidian?

At the time of this writing, Obsidian has stated that they are not working on the new Fallout game.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, someone asked the Obsidian team if they are involved in Fallout 5. Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian, had this to say.

We are not, but we would love to work on another Fallout.

So there you have it.

Of course it’s easy to see why people want Obsidian back to work on the next Fallout title. Not only does Obsidian have some of the original developers from the original Fallout and Fallout 2, fans also believe that Obsidian is much better at making Fallout into an RPG as opposed to an FPS.

Fans of the classic Fallout games often cite New Vegas as a better game than Fallout 3 because of how Obsidian is more familiar with the world than Bethesda.

And that’s not too surprising. If there’s anything Obsidian excels at it’s world building and player agency. They want to immerse the player in a world of their creation that’s full of life, culture, and history and at the same time let the player play how they want.

So those that want a true Fallout RPG experience, and not a shooter, turn to Obsidian in hopes that they’ll make another game.

But as of now, they aren’t going to be doing so.

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