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Donald Trump Dead: Reportedly Assassinated At Trump Tower

Is Donald Trump dead? Rumors have been flying thick and fast about Donald Trump being assassinated at his Trump Tower. Many people are asking about a possible death of Donald Trump online.

Donald Trump dead rumors have been spreading all over the internet. The number of Google searches in this context have gone up. In fact, whether Donald Trump is dead or not is one of the highest ranked Google searches for this month so far.

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Inquisitr has confirmed that Donald Trump dead searches have flooded the internet. This search is not just restricted to residents of the United States. In fact, people from all over Europe have been searching for whether Donald Trump has been assassinated or not.

Is This Actually True?

However, despite all these searches, this still remains a rumor. There was an earlier hoax being spread last month. This talked about how Trump had gone through a cardiac arrest at a rally. These searches may be linked to this hoax according to experts.

Other trending searches include whether Hillary Clinton is actually Jewish. People are also searching for the number of times Donald Trump has been financially bankrupt. Some are also searching for whether Bill and Hillary Clinton still remain married.

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Donald Trump’s death is only a rumor and nothing else. The Walking Dead fans have also been posting about a zombie resembling Donald Trump. Fans have reported sightings of a zombie Donald Trump in the popular television series. AMC has dismissed these rumors by calling the zombie “just a walker”.

However, there is a talk of how Donald Trump’s life may be at risk as indicated by these searches. The Secret Service has reportedly insisted on Trump wearing bulletproof vests in public. This is also because of the innumerable death threats already received by the new President. Even the vice president-elect Mike Pence has received several death threats.

Extra precautions may be required to keep Donald Trump safe from any possible injury or assassination attempt.

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