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Descendants of the Sun 2 Cancelled as Song Joong Ki Joins Train to Busan 2

While Descendants of the Sun 2 is the most obvious course of action, it seems that the show runners are hesitant to make a part 2. Without the lead actors Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye Kyo, making the second installment might prove to be too risky.

Descendants of the Sun 2 cancellation rumors have been spreading like wildfire online. According to multiple sources, the most probable reason is the unavailability of its key lead star Joong Ki.

While it is unarguable that the show’s popularity grew because of the Song-Song couple, it is also true that it goes the other way around. Joong-Ki’s popularity as one of the top Hallyu stars to date can be credited to the success of the series.

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No More Descendants of the Sun 2?

It seems like the most natural thing to produce a sequel to the highly successful series. The drama was top on ratings not only in South Korea but different parts of Asia. In addition, it is one of the most talked about series in recent history for the country.

However, it looks like the series’ show runners are hesitating for a second installment. Rumors are, that Joong-Ki will not be able to do the Descendants of the Sun 2. It has also been reported that the star’s schedule is booked until the end of next year.

iTech Post also reports that Hye Kyo’s decision whether to join or not is dependent on her co-star. It will be difficult for her to continue with a second season without her love interest. A sentiment the show runners agree with.

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Song Joong-Ki Joins Train to Busan 2?

Because of his new-found fame, the actor has been receiving offers everywhere. Currently, he is filming Battleship IslandIn addition, the actor is rumored to have accepted roles in Train to Busan 2 and Running Man.

While previously with the variety show, he is speculated to be making a comeback. After Gary leaves the show, some are saying Joong-Ki will be filling in for him. However, producers of the variety show confirmed that they will not be replacing Gary.

Another Korean movie that shook the world was Train to Busan. The immensely successful zombie action movie has received praise all over the country. Though the film has yet confirmed a part two, speculations are it will indeed.

Other actors such as Lee Min Ho are said to be joining in. Recently, it is said that Joong-Ki will star on a second installment of the film.

At the moment, all of these are speculations. However, it is unarguable that Joong-Ki’s rise to fame will make it more difficult to book part twos with him.

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