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Criminal Minds Season 12: Truth About Thomas Gibson Revealed!

The latest Criminal Minds Season 12 updates have revealed the truth behind Thomas Gibson’s exit. Gibson was reportedly fired for kicking a writer & co-executive producer. He may be written out of the show altogether as per sources.

Criminal Minds Season 12 updates have highlighted Thomas Gibson’s sudden exit. Gibson himself talked about “some choice word, for which he apologized”. He was referring to his spat with a writer and co-executive producer who he reportedly kicked in the shin. This led to him being booted out from the popular CBS television series.

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Parent Herald has thrown some more light on the latest Criminal Minds Season 12 news. The official announcement of Thomas Gibson’s exit came on the 12th of August. The absence of the character in two episodes will hint at Hotch leaving as per rumors.

What Gibson Thinks About His Exit 

However, it is not exactly known how the writers will eliminate Hotch from the show. Gibson earlier talked of how people will only remember “good work”. He also said that the unceremonious exit had hurt his “pride and reputation”.

Gibson was the main character on the show and his absence has led to plunging ratings overall. Several fans have even come up with several hashtags including #NoHotchNoWatch hashtag. Many fans are also boycotting the show, leading to its poor TRPs.

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Since fans want Gibson back very badly, he may return as per other sources. They talk about a possible return on the fifth episode of Season 12. This return is expected to boost the ratings of the show hugely.

Carter Matt has also reported that Virgil Williams is the person allegedly kicked by Gibson. William has confirmed all the allegations against Gibson. Williams talked of how Gibson wanted a change in the storyline and didn’t accept his “fix”.

This led to the infamous confrontation. Williams also mentioned about “moving forward” in spite of the transition being tough with Hotch’s sudden departure.

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