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WWE Donald Trump Return: Watch Best WWE 2K17 Matches of New US President

Thank goodness for character creation. It seems the US Elections extended with a WWE Donald Trump appearance – in 2K games.

Others believe the results of the recent US Presidential Elections may be a dismal one. Trump supporters believe this will advent a good future for the United States. It appears some wrestling fans have different opinions. A lot of videos on YouTube appeared to settle the score in the rings themselves.

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A variety of YouTubers have appeared to custom-make Donald Trumps and Hillary Clintons in the built-in character creator engine in WWE 2K17. While others are focused on the debates, players have their own debates – in the ring.

A lot of videos showed devastating moves and taunts from both parties. Hillary Clinton is shown dealing massive blows towards Trump, and the opposite. Some YouTubers even make celebrities such as PewDiePie battle Trump himself.

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WWE Donald Trump: A Fan’s Return?

Of course, an appearance as a customized character merits two questions. Is there any way the newly-elected president will make a WWE Donald Trump appearance?

The possibility grows as wrestling fans are also aware that Donald Trump is a close friend of WWE owner Vince McMahon. The two have made appearances in a wide variety of matches to the entertainment of fans.

However, it seems Donald Trump hasn’t made any official appearance in any of the 2K Games. It’s highly unlikely to see an actual WWE Donald Trump fight, say, legends like the Undertaker. However, it seems definitely entertaining to witness a Donald Trump character in the 2K Games.

As evidenced by the videos themselves, it appears Donald Trump can be a delightful Easter Egg in future 2K Games. This can even increase sales as there are a lot of Donald Trump fans who are also wrestling fans.

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