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US Election Polls Results Rigged: Julian Assange Backed Donald Trump; Edward Snowden Thinks So

The US Election polls results are out and Donald Trump is set to be the 45th American President. However, whistleblower Edward Snowden has claimed that Trump enjoyed Julian Assange’s backing. Assange is the man behind Wiki Leaks.

The election polls results were majorly influenced by Wiki Leaks revelations targeting Hillary Clinton. Assange has clearly backed Donald Trump according to Edward Snowden. Big Think has reported that Clinton’s image has been destroyed by Wiki Leaks.

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The election polls results have been majorly influenced by the Wiki Leaks revelations prior to the elections. These include Bernie Sanders being reportedly blackmailed by Hillary’s campaign. These also include the releases of DNC official emails suggesting how the Democratic Party was biased towards Clinton. Wiki Leaks revealed how DNC was not happy with Sanders’ popularity and was seeking a way to clear the path for Clinton.

These leaks proved hugely damaging for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This also isolated Sander’s support base from voting for her. This was evident through the results in Wisconsin and Michigan. Sanders won both states earlier in the primaries.

Wiki Leaks also played a part in establishing Hillary Clinton’s campaign as misleading and secretive. The disclosures could well have influenced several voters to turn the other way. It may also have dampened the motivation levels of potential supporters as well.

What Snowden Said 

Snowden has accused Wiki Leaks of not possessing “even modest curation” of content released. He clearly hints at Julian Assange backing Trump as President. Assange, however, responded by saying that “to withhold the publication of such information…..would have been to favor one of the candidates”.

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Wiki Leaks also claimed that Snowden may well be striving to get Clinton’s pardon in case she won. Assange is regarded as a modern day hero amongst right wing communities. Some think he will be pardoned by Donald Trump. Wiki Leaks has already influenced the elections greatly and there are many more revelations in store as per sources.

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