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Rainbow Six Siege PS4 FREE Download! All Details Here

Gamers are in for a treat this weekend as Rainbow Six Siege PS4 and PC versions are going to be free to play. In addition to that, players that enjoy their free trial can purchase the game at a discounted price on both platforms.

While there is no official reason for the upcoming free weekend, it does coincide with their Pro League finals for the PC and Xbox One — both also taking place this weekend. Perhaps this trial along with the finals will get more people interested in the title. Likewise, the fourth and final DLC for the game will come out this Fall, so again, another possible cause for the sudden promo.

Or it could just be a sign of good will, who knows? Also, really, who cares? As they say — never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Rainbow Six Siege PS4 and PC Free Weekend

So how exactly is this going to go down?

Well based on their official post, the free weekend will start on November 10, 1PM EST for both PC and PS4. However, the weekend will end at different times for the two platforms. For PC, the weekend ends on November 13, 4PM EST. While the PS4 weekend ends on November 14, 11AM EST.

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As for how to sign-up for the weekend, it’s once again different for PC and PS4 players.

For PC, simply go to this link and follow the steps provided.

For PS4, go to the Rainbow Six Siege product page on PSN while the weekend is on-going. It should be noted that PlayStation Plus will not be required to play online during this free weekend.

No Money, No Problems

In addition to Rainbow Six Siege having a free weekend, several other games are having special promos.

For both PC and console players, Blizzard is having a free weekend next week for their class-based shooter Overwatch.

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For PC players, there’s a few more things on the menu. Ubisoft is giving away a copy of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in celebration of their 30 year anniversary.

Likewise, the Humble Bundle Store is giving away Dirt 3: Complete Edition for free for the next 24 hours, so make sure to grab your copy now.

And lastly, the massive multiplayer military simulator Squad is having their own free weekend over on Steam, so go check that out if you’re interested.

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