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Overwatch Characters Patch: New LGBT Character, Pharah Nerf, May Release in New Year 2017

Ana and Sombra may not be enough. Blizzard is not stopping on providing new Overwatch characters post-launch. This time, an LGBT character is on the way.

Lead hero designer Geoff Goodman and artist Rachel Day confirmed the creation of an LGBT character for Overwatch in an attempt to further diversify the cast. The appearance of new Overwatch characters is something players like, as it further extends the lore.

According to Kotaku, while the appearance of an LGBT character is confirmed, the “reveal” is taken with caution. The two emphasized they did not want it to appear like they are shoving diversity to the players. They want it to “make sense.”

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Given that “soon” is too long a stretch, the two did confirm the appearance will be “very soon.” This can lead to a wide variety of speculations as to what the new character will do and how he or she interacts with other Overwatch characters.

Sombra, for instance, is the first Latina character from Mexico. This helps characters from minorities to be more comfortable with the game. Zarya is once rumored to be of a different sexual orientation, but Overwatch did a good job by ensuring her stocky build was not enough to dictate an orientation.

Blizzard also took this opportunity to launch the Overwatch League. This is an eSports-esque organization that seeks to bring Overwatch into the competitive sports scene.

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Overwatch Characters: Pharah Changes

It seems November is a busy month for the rest of the crew at Bethesda. Aside from the LGBT character tease, it appears more characters will receive patches.

According to Battle.Net, Pharah and Sombra will be the first to experience new changes on the PTR. The newest update appears to have a buff to allow Pharah to fly forever. This can change a wide variety of tactics for the character. It can even vastly change the way the game is balanced, seeing as to how Sombra is an OP character.

Pharah can fly by tapping the hover jets once it regains a bit of fuel. However, a 33-percent increase in its regain time allows players to almost stay airborne forever. Given this is on a testing server, Blizzard can opt not to keep this change.

Players can enjoy Overwatch on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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