NBA Warriors Trade
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NBA Warriors Trade: May Acquire Nerlens Noels By Trading Klay Thompson

An NBA Warriors trade is rumored to be happening some time soon. According to reports, the Golden State Warriors are looking to acquire Nerlens Noels from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Despite a solid line-up, it looks like the Warriors are still interested in revamping the team. Recently, NBA Warriors trade reports of the team’s acquisition of one of the most sought-after players in NBA. Kevin Durant signs with the Warriors, a move highly beneficial for the team. Despite the decline of popularity of the small forward, he says he did not regret his choice.

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NBA Warriors Trade Eyeing Nerlens Noels

Another NBA trade rumor comes in the form of the six-foot, 11 inches power forward Nerlens Noels. Despite being a rookie last year, the athlete scored 20 points and 9 rebounds in an 110–105 win against the Sacramento Kings. His performance proved his place in the 76ers.

Because of his season-high score, rumors are pointing out that the Warriors sees a place for Noels in their team.

While some are speculating that Warriors are willing to trade him for 32-year old small forward, Andre Iguodala recent rumors suggest differently.

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NBA Warriors Trade-Off Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson, who has been with the team since 2011 was said to be failing the expectations of the team. While he scored 17.2 points per game over his first 21 games, he was unable to make to record a 30-point game.

Because of this, hearsay suggests that Warriors want to trade the 26-year old for the 22-year old power forward.

It is not the first time Thompson was said to be the subject of a trade-off. According to the previous trade rumors, Warriors wanted Jimmy Butler to replace the shooting guard.

Because of this, Thompson has grown impatient and unhappy with his team especially with the addition of Durant. Morning News Asia even reported that he defended himself saying the scores weren’t all from the new addition.

“So last year I struggled, then I went on a tear, so it’s just like any other season. Obviously, we have different players, but I’m still getting the shots I always got before he was here, so it’s not on Kevin at all.”

While Thompson admits being struggling, there is still no final word from the Warriors about trading the all-star athlete with Noels or any other player.

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