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NBA Cavaliers Trade: Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony Is Speculated As Great Option

Cavaliers Trade news is abuzz about a possible deal between the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks. This deal may see Kevin Love traded for Carmelo Anthony. Both superstars may be swapped in a blockbuster deal of sorts.

Cavaliers trade reports hint at both teams working out a direct deal themselves. It was earlier speculated that there would be a three-team deal. However, HNGN has reported that both teams are now directly negotiating with each other.

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Cavaliers trade rumors are pointing at a direct swap between the Knicks and Cavaliers. This swap is deemed viable and beneficial for both these teams. The Cavs require upgrading their rosters desperately. They need new talent to take on teams like the Spurs and Warriors. The arrival of the 9 time All-Star Anthony would be a good move.

What LeBron James Thinks 

Additionally, LeBron James will welcome Anthony with open arms if the deal goes through. James has reportedly given his assent to a possible deal. It is widely known that he always has an opinion regarding management decisions. James has earlier talked about his wish to play with his friend Carmelo Anthony.

He has expressed his wish to play with Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade in a single team. This deal may translate into a welcome reunion for both James and Anthony. Additionally, this would mean a perfect chance for Carmelo to lift the Cavs to glory.

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Anthony is the sole player amongst 2003’s top 5 draft picks to not win the ring yet. The big question is whether the Cavs will agree to trade off Kevin Love. Love might also make sense for a team like the New York Knicks. Additionally, LeBron James’ assent to the deal may accelerate things faster than expected.

Fans of both teams are waiting with bated breath for a possible deal to materialize.

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