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Dead Rising 4 Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay: 10 Plot Spoilers You Need to Know!

Dead Rising 4 is hitting shelves this Holiday season (December 6 to be exact) to match the festive theme that the game takes place in. And as we approach that wonderful time of the year, Capcom released some new footage of the game — specifically the first half hour of it.

IGN uploaded the 33 minute preview on their official YouTube channel early this week. But for those that don’t have the time (or patience) to sit through 33 minutes of footage, here’s the 10 biggest plot points that the video reveals.

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Dead Rising 4 Prologue

1. Frank Has … Issues

The game opens up with Frank reliving a nightmare version of Willamette Mall — the setting for the original Dead Rising game. As the nightmare progresses, voices start playing in Frank’s head, specifically his own.

These voices are all things he’s said in interviews post-Dead Rising and, to be frank, they make him sound like an ass. And the current Frank, the player one, even admits that they’re not his best moments. But it’s clear from this section that something is bothering Frank, especially with regards to Willamette Mall and at the end of the video we find out why.

Turns out, while Frank was initially praised for his journalism work from the first game he immediately got “buried” by the government once he tried to pin the outbreak on them. So much so that throughout the video it’s clear that Frank has become cynical and apathetic, especially with regards to the government and to zombies.

2. Frank’s Apprentice

Shortly after the nightmare scene, the game introduces a brand new character — Vick Chu, who turns out to be an apprentice or student of Frank in journalism.

Acting as a complete foil to Frank, Vick is young, brash, and oddly empathetic with regards to zombies. Where Frank knows to keep his personal feelings separate from his work, Vick can not. And it is actually because of Vick that they’re initially found out in the military base they were sneaking into. And after that she abandons Frank at the base, taking the car they brought with her and turning Frank into a fugitive.

On that note, it seems like Vick is also the main cause for Frank to return to Willamette Mall during the main game. By the end of the video, Frank finds out that Vick went to Willamette Mall in order to find out what’s going on. And from there he decides to go to the mall as well — though his exact motivations are still unknown.

3. Military at Willamette

It seems zombies aren’t the only problem Frank faces in Dead Rising 4. In addition to the horde of the undead, a military has stationed themselves over at Willamette and seems to be the cause of the new outbreak.

In the prologue, Frank and Vick discover that these people are cloning people to use in zombie-related research. What the research exactly is, we don’t know. But by the end of the video, this same group of people shoot down the helicopter that Frank is in — so they’re definitely not friendly.

4. Zombie Rights?

One interesting thing that stood out for me in the preview was how sympathetic Vick was towards the zombies they ran into. Saying things like how they were once people and how cruel Frank was with his apathy. Could we possibly see the return of CURE from the second game or perhaps it’s just a sign of how society has progressed with regards to the zombie infection.

5. Heal the World

And speaking of infection, another bit of information that came out of the prologue is the fact that, well, the world is cured. Following the “true ending” of the third game, it seems that humanity for the most part now knows how to treat zombism and even has a vaccine or something for it.

Zombrex still exists from the second game that acts as a suppressor if you’ve already been bit, but by the sounds of it there’s also now a vaccine for the infection that makes people immune altogether.

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6. Man Made Zombies

In the previous Dead Rising games, zombies originally came from some form of mutated wasp. But now people are immune to that strain of the disease, so how have zombies come back into the picture?

Well the prologue hints that the military group we mentioned before is also behind creating these new zombies. Emphasis on the new — because even Frank comments that these zombies act differently from the ones he’s met in the past. So how exactly are they making these new zombies? And more importantly, why?

7. Vick’s Trauma

Vick has an emotional outburst upon seeing a zombie up-close during the Prologue. An outburst large enough that she immediately pulled a gun out and started firing, giving the zombie some form of mercy killing. It’s clear that she’s shaken up by the whole ordeal, but when Frank scolds her for getting too invested in the “story”, she snaps at him.

And it’s not just a normal kind of snapping, she’s straight up pissed. So we have to wonder why. What has Vick experienced that has her so empathetic with the zombie kind? And to add to that, she’s headed to Willamette Mall as well — and again we have to ask why she’s so invested in the events happening.

8. Willamette Re-Opening Disaster

A news anchor reports on the opening of the World’s Largest Mall — Willamette Mall itself. And as the masses gather in front of the mall’s doors during a Black Friday sale, things take a turn for the worst.

A calm soothing tune plays side by side with the gruesome violence of zombies attacking and devouring the people around them. It seems something happened once again in Willamette that triggered a brand new out break. And it’s clear our military friends have something to do with it.

9. Four Months Later

Four months after the incident at the military base, Frank West is hiding from the authorities by using a fake name — Hank East. But that doesn’t stop from Colonel Brad Park from finding him.

Colonel Park, the commander of the ZDC, is the reason that Frank returns to Willamette. He’s the one that tells Frank of the new outbreak. Apparently, the Pentagon has been hiding the outbreak from the media for the past six weeks. He approaches Frank to request his assistant in discovering the truth. He’s the one that tells Frank that Vicki is going to Willamette and inspires him to help them.

10. Shadow Client

The last bit of information I found interesting was the idea of a “client.” When the militia are discussing among themselves, they mention that they’re all working for a client. This client is the one calling all the shots and asking for the zombie experiments.

So it seems we have some idea of our big bad by end game. Someone even above the military we see in the preview footage. My money’s on it being either someone in government or some rich business person — either trying to weaponize the infection or make a profit out of it.

And that’s all we have to say for the time being. Unless Capcom starts showing more previews, we’ll just have to wait until the game actually comes out to find out what’s really going on in Willamette.

The game comes out for Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6.

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