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Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Trailer: Donald Trump Appears on Video Game [Watch]

Watch Dogs 2 is coming out for consoles in just a few days (and in just a few weeks for PC players). So to celebrate the occasion, Ubisoft has released a brand new launch trailer showcasing what the upcoming title is all about.

The first few seconds of the trailer gives a brief description on the main conflict of the game — a software called ctOS 2.0 that tracks and labels potential criminals based on algorithms. Of course this is basically Profiling 101 and no one wants that. But to add to that, ctOS collects hundreds of thousands of personal data and it’s up to Marcus and DedSec to stop it.

But I think the biggest takeaway from this trailer is just how full of life Watch Dogs 2 seems to be, especially when compared to its predecessor.

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The Wonderful World of Watch Dogs 2

Just look at the trailer. Look at it! It’s so full of color and personality.

Immediately after the first few seconds of exposition we see some stylized aesthetics and then a kickass soundtrack blasts in to up the ante. Then it’s followed by a montage of parkour, graffiti, explosions, and everything else you’d expect from a game about romanticized hacktivists.

Let’s compare it to its older brother from 2013.

The original Watch Dogs trailer, and really even the game itself, is dark, broody, and monotonous. A complete 180 from what Watch Dogs 2 is showing us today.

And maybe it’s for the best.

While the original Watch Dogs wasn’t a bad game, it wasn’t great either. By all accounts it received a lukewarm reception from critics across all platforms as well as some controversy from the PC crowd. So maybe this change in tone will be a good thing.

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Watch Dogs 2 vs The World

Watch Dogs 2 also has a sense of humor, again a stark contrast to the original title, especially when it comes to parodying real world events.

Eurogamer made a list of just some of the many things Watch Dogs 2 makes fun off, and one of these things is America’s brand new President-Elect Donald Trump himself.


In the world of Watch Dogs 2 there exists a politician running for office named Thrust. The kicker of course is his campaign slogan: “Let’s Make the Bay Area Stronger!” a clear reference to the now U.S. President, Donald Trump and his slogan “Make America Great Again.”

There even exists a mission that sees the player vandalizing one of Thrust’s campaign posters with the DedSec logo and poop emojis.

So Watch Dogs 2 definitely has some more humor and character in it than the previous game. The question now is if the actual gameplay will be enough to match it and make it a great game.

Watch Dogs 2 comes out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 15 while the PC version is delayed until November 29.

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