Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow

Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow Operators: Introducing Echo Gameplay & Update

The fourth and final DLC for Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow will be arriving some time this fall. And as we approach the release date, Ubisoft continues to reveal more information regarding what the DLC will contain.

Last week they gave a preview on the map associated with the DLC — Skyscraper — located in Nagoya, Japan. And yesterday they announced Hibana, one of the two new operators to come with the expansion. So today they brought us news on the second new operator, Echo.

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Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow Operator: Echo 

“Being efficient is just being lazy, but in a clever way.”

Are the words of Echo, one of two S.A.T. operatives joining Team Rainbow. And wise words indeed that perfectly reflect his implied play style and skills.

Rainbow Six scriptwriter Farah Daoud-Brixi describes the upcoming operative as “a celebration of Japan’s influence on modern technology,” and given how he seems to utilize a remote controlled drone in both his official artwork above and the trailer below, this truly seems to be the case.

Ubisoft designed the S.A.T. operatives with close quarters combat in mind. To reflect this, Echo arms himself with the SuperNova pump action shotgun and the MP5SD4 submachine gun as his primary weapons, as well as the PM9 and P229 pistols as secondary weapons.

His official backstory was provided on his announcement page.

S.A.T. Operator Masaru Enatsu was born in Suginami City, Tokyo, a location known for its several animation studios and technology companies. After completing his bachelor’s degree at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Enatsu joined the National Police Academy. He was then recruited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Special Unit before transferring to the Aichi Unit.

Ubisoft will reveal more information on both Echo and Hibana during their live stream on November 12 as well as a full live demo on November 13.

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