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PSN Store Sale: PlayStation Games include GTA 5, Final Fantasy & More!

The PSN Store Sale is back! Enthusiasts can now get special prices on a wide range of games. These include GTA 5, The Amazing Spiderman, Final Fantasy and more.

According to the PlayStation blog, the PSN Store Sale marks the 10th anniversary of the PlayStation 3 launch. There have been several famous PlayStation characters which have created history. These include the likes of Joel, Ellie, Sackboy and Nathan Drake.

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PlayStation 3 was a landmark offering according to many. This was the first to bring in the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Network. This is being commemorated through the PSN Store Sale. The Store now offers top class entertainment and gaming options to customers. The platform will be expanded even further as per reports.

There will be several other features including day-one play and pre-load. There will also be several digital events including Play and Launch Party. The 10th anniversary sale of the Store will have some of the last decade’s biggest hits available at mouthwatering prices.

Some other attractions

You can also check out a short film which features the PlayStation store. This film contains several concealed Easter eggs exclusively for fans. Members who have accounts of 9.5 years or even more will get exclusive PS4 avatars. All information will be emailed to eligible customers.

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Some of the games available include Bloodborne Complete Edition Bundle and Ape Escape 2. Other options include Bully, GTA 5, Far Cry 4, GTA: San Andreas, Vice City and The Trilogy.

You can also check out Max Payne, Manhunt, Hotline Miami, Primal and Rogue Galaxy. There will also be a special edition PS3 10th anniversary theme. There will also be a PS4 special edition theme available. These can be downloaded quite easily.

Some other attractions include the Amazing Spiderman, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Broken Age and Resident Evil.

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