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NFL Packers Trade News: Sign Antonio Cromartie & Joique Bell

Packers Trade Rumors are abuzz about possible acquisitions of Joique Bell and Antonio Cromartie. There are rumors of Cromartie being snapped up since he is a free agent. Additionally, the Packers are expected to close the deal for Bell sometime soon.

Packers Trade news hints at a buyout of Joique Bell. The Acme Packing Co talks about how the team wishes to add a new player next week. This move comes prior to the Tennessee week 10 game. Joique Bell is being wooed by the Packers at present.

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Bell played with the Chicago Bears and once he signs up, the full set is a mere formality. He will just require another stamp on the NFC North passport. Bell may be a cheaper option for the Packers in comparison to Matt Forte. Bell is a good pass blocker and receiver. He will fit perfectly into the offensive lineup of the team.

Bell Sign-Up Almost Confirmed?

Bell will reportedly come for a workout at the Packers but has not signed any contract yet. NBC Sports has also reported that Bell’s signing could take place on Monday itself. Bell has run three times for six yards with the Bears this season. He has played for the earlier four seasons with the Lions. The Packers currently stand at 19th and have been plagued by injuries to Eddie Lacy and Starks.

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While Packers trade rumors continue to be abuzz about Joique Bell signing up, there is another possibility. The Packers are not just moving for Bell but also for Antonio Cromartie as per rumors. Cromartie has been a free agent for close to a month according to 247 Sports. This is why the Packers are finding him a lucrative prospect. The Packers may actually benefit from signing him up.

Rumors are abuzz about Cromartie being signed up by the Packers and used against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

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