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NBA Trade News: LeBron James May Join GSW; Praises Steph Curry

NBA Trade Rumors are abuzz about LeBron James joining the Golden State Warriors. These rumors have cropped up after James praised Steph Curry for his incredible record. Curry dished out 13 three pointers against the New Orleans Pelicans

NBA Trade Rumors are hinting at LeBron James considering a move to the power packed Warriors. Cavs Nation has reported that LeBron James praised Steph Curry effusively. James was asked whether there was anyone who could break this record.

What James Said

James said that Curry himself would break it or even Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson. This signaled his clear praise of the star-studded team at the Warriors. NBA Trade Rumors continue to hint at James’ increasing fascination for being part of a power packed lineup.

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Stephen Curry once again carved his name in the annals of history with a new record. He shot 13 three pointers on Monday against the New Orleans Pelicans. Curry finished with 46 points which is a new season high as well. He also added five assists, five rebounds and two steals. The Warriors also won the game and took their season record to 5-2.

It was quite surprising that LeBron James did not name any superstars of his own team or other teams. He only put faith in Curry or the other Warriors superstars to break records like these. However, experts feel that LeBron James may be justified in his opinion.

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This is because the Warriors have a unique style on court. They also have a higher number of three-point attempts in every game. His predictions may well come true and we may see Curry eclipsing his own record. In fact, even Thompson and Durant have the chance to break this record.

However, LeBron James’ praise of the Warriors and Curry is stoking much speculation. Will he actually move to the Golden State Warriors? It can only be a fan’s dream!

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