Meteor Shower November 2016
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Meteor Shower November 2016: Northern Taurids Time, Date & Peak – When, Where, How to Watch

The Meteor Shower November 2016 news has come as a source of huge excitement for people. The Taurid meteor shower is eagerly anticipated since the meteors are considered really bright. There will be two viewing times for people in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere.

The Taurid Meteor Shower November 2016 will have lower meteor rates all throughout. There will be only a few meteors that will be visible every hour as per experts. has reported that there may be just five meteors witnessed every hour.

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The North Taurid meteor shower will reach its peak between 11-12 November in the Northern Hemisphere. The South Taurid shower has already peaked in October 2016. However, people can still see the meteors till late November. The Taurids are linked to Comet Encke which orbits the sun.

There are fears of an outburst happening in 2019 when Jupiter’s orbit nudges the trail of the comet. This will then cause the comet particle stream to burst towards Earth. The debris from the comet may even survive the long fall on Earth. However, there is no official estimate on the actual size of Taurid meteorites.

When Should You Look? 

The best time to look for these meteors is as early as possible in the morning when it is still dark. On peak viewing days, some more meteors can be witnessed every hour in comparison to regular days. The rates are quite low and viewers need to be really patient as per experts.

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The Taurids will be visible almost anywhere on Earth with the South Pole being the only exception. Some stray shooting stars may also be visible though these are not linked to the Taurids. Only looking at Taurus will limit a skywatcher; it is advisable to move around to other constellations.

For the best viewing experience, one should travel away from bustling cities. It is advisable to lie on one’s back and stare at the sky. This will help anyone see more meteors than by staring in particular directions.

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