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Law and Order SVU Season 18 Scraps ‘Trump’ Episode After Election Results Win

NBC has dropped the November 16 airing of Law and Order SVU Season 18 episode that features a Donald Trump-like character.

The episode titled Unstoppable is about a wealthy politician played by Gary Cole whose campaign was disrupted after he was accused of sexual assault.

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The Law and Order SVU Season 18 Unstoppable episode, has been re-scheduled several times. It was supposed to be aired on October 26. However, the network canceled the episode airing again. NBC then barred the new airing schedule of November 17.

NBC Appears Reluctant To Air Law And Order SVU Season 18’s Unstoppable

The episode will have its airing on NBC in early 2017, according to Deadline.  But the network has not disclosed any airing date for the episode.

The network’s apparent reluctance could have stemmed from Trump’s sensitivity to negative stories on him. He has blasted the media for featuring negative stories about him. He accused US media of being rigged against him.

The US President-elect scored the Saturday Night Live that featured impressions of Trump by actor Alec Baldwin. The S.N.L. show also featured parodies of Hillary Clinton and other persons involved in the campaign.

Trump was not happy with the show calling it a “hit job” in a tweet. “Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!” he adds.

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NBC has figured in a controversy about Trump during the campaign. In an Access Hollywood tape, Trump describes his alleged “groping of women” without their permission. As an offshoot, Billy Bush who was with Trump at the time was fired from NBC.

The recent postponement of this episode on Law and Order SVU Season 18 has nothing to do with Trump’s presidential victory, Deadline says.

NBC has made the change in schedule days before the elections. The network made changes in its Wednesday evening programming to accommodate reruns that coincided with final World Series game on Fox, Deadline explains.

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