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Election Results: People Power in USA as Anti Trump Protests Flood Streets

Thousands poured out into the streets in across the US to protest the Election Results showing Donald Trump winning over his opponent.

Election Results show that Trump won the electoral votes, getting 279 over Clinton’s 228. However, Clinton wins the popular vote by 175,000, Bloomberg quotes an Associated Press report.

“Not My President” Chant Reverberates Across the US

The results sparked protest actions, mostly staged by millennial. Chants of “Not my president” echoed the streets of cities across the United States, including New York and California.

Protesters who gathered at Michigan Avenue even carried “Time to Revolt” placards.

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Hundreds of students from Berkeley and Oakland started their protest in the predawn hours shortly after Election Results showed Trump as the winner.

In New York alone, thousands marched the streets of Manhattan towards the Trump Tower in Fifth Avenue. Hundreds of protesters also gathered at a Manhattan Park following the shocking election results.

Protestors Block Traffic, Burn American Flags

Around 500 students of UC San Diego marched through the La Jolla campus.

Hundreds of people in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington States also went to the streets.

Oregon protestors, estimated at 300, blocked the traffic in the streets in downtown Portland. The protest action caused a delay for the trains on two light rail lines.

They also burned American flags as they chanted “That’s not my president,” the quotes local media and AP reports.

Some protesters who gathered at the Capitol Hill in Seattle also blocked the streets and even burned a trash bin.

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According to New York Times, the protest began as  spur-of the-moment action of the students watching the Election Results in Berkeley campus.

Trump may have won the elections but he has yet to win the hearts of millions of Clinton supporters.

The anger and frustration felt by students reflects the sentiment of Clinton supporters. Many of them disagree with Trump’s position on some issues, including immigration, and his coarse comments on women.

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