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Canada Immigration News: Allegedly Not Accepting Americans Anymore; Asks to Move to Another Country

Canada immigration is experiencing a surge after Donald Trump is proclaimed president elect of the United States. While half of the population who voted for him are celebrating at home, it looks like the other half are looking for a way out.

Prior to the US election, Canada has shared that Canada immigration is more than happy to accept Americans who are not happy with the election results. The idea must have come from the intense rivalry of the Hillary Clinton voters and Trump voters.

Unlike previous elections where whoever wins is accepted as the country’s president, this year is different. Voters who love Clinton hate Trump and vice versa. And we use the word hate not dislike.

For instance, celebrities who are pro-Clinton have said that they will leave the country if Trump wins. Cher even said she’ll leave the planet if Trump becomes president.

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Canada Immigration Website Crashes: Too Many Americans

It looks like Canada’s invitation was taken seriously by Americans. Even while the election polls are still being tallied, Americans seem to have known that Trump will emerge as victor.

In fact, because of the fear of Trump winning, Americans everywhere flocked the Canada immigration website. While the website has capacity to accommodate a good number of people visiting at once, the sheer amount of visits got the website crashing.

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada spokesperson Lisa Filipps, the website “became temporarily inaccessible to users as a result of a significant increase in the volume of traffic.”

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Is Canada Banning Americans?

Canada immigration is still open for all citizens to migrate in the country. Be it a large amount of Americans.

“All applicants who apply to Canada’s immigration programs are treated equally no matter where they are from. Americans can emigrate to Canada, provided they meet the qualifications. There are a number of avenues that applicants for permanent residence can consider in order to immigrate to Canada,” said Citizenship and Immigration Canada spokeswoman Lindsay Wemp.

However, one cannot simply pack their bags and move out of the US. There are certain requirements and processes to follow prior to becoming a Canadian.

While a student or visiting visa usually takes just 17 days for Americans, becoming a citizen takes about a year. There are different ways to become a citizen and different types of immigration. You can check their website here for frequently asked questions.

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