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World War 3 News: Donald Trump Win Confirms WW3 2016

There are rumors of World War 3 being a reality once Donald Trump wins. Trump is reportedly close towards becoming the US President. In this context, there are widespread fears of war should assume the Oval Office.

World War 3 rumors have been alive for quite some time now on the back of Russia’s aggressive policy. The United States might be at loggerheads with Russia backed by the United Kingdom and other allies. Donald Trump also stated earlier that there would be World War 3 over Syria if Hilary Clinton had her way.

Why Trump May Go For A World War

However, Trump has not exactly promised to steer clear of World War 3. The International Business Times has reported that his vision for America includes scaling up military budgets. Trump has already vowed to increase the US army’s size to 540, 000 active duty soldiers. He has also promised to scale up the US navy strength to 350 ships.

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Trump also wishes to increase the US Air Force aircraft battalion to 1, 200. He will also strive to enhance the cruisers of the Navy if he is elected. He has also promised to get contemporary destroyers which would combat threats from North Korea and Iran.

Trump has said that the military budget increase will help the US face global threats. He has already vowed to pay for the budget by passing the bill to other nations. These are nations where the US has military strongholds including Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Japan.

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Trump has talked of how “history shows that America is not prepared when the danger is greatest”. As a result, he wishes to scale up military budgets and activities which hint at a possible Third World War. Trump is not alone; Mitt Romney also asked for a bigger Navy earlier. He also put Barack Obama to the sword for allowing the ship numbers to slip down to lower levels.

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