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World War 3 News: Australia Joins Alien Research with $100M Telescope

According to reports, World War 3 is coming and it’s not between countries but a galactic war. Just recently, Australia joins in with the mission to find life outside the Earth.

While the existence of life outside Earth is still in question, many still believe that aliens exist. Even the famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking says that he reckons aliens are real.

The innate curiosity of man is somewhat to be credited for the endless alien pursuit. However, recently sources believe that the search for extra-terrestrial life is not just for sheer scientific discovery.

According to rumors, the US government has reason to believe aliens exist and they are threatening the existence of mankind. The reports continue by saying that US is in discussion with countries like Russia regarding the probable inter-galactic World War 3.

While these are still rumors, it is true in fact that both government and private organizations are elevating means to find alien life.

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Search for Alien Life Possible

Hawking along with Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has funded a project called Breakthrough Listen Project which enables the search for aliens without sending men to space.

The $100 million project was conceptualized ten years ago and has been since then a work in progress. However, since its launch, the technology has been found effective in searching for discrepancies in space.

The Breakthrough Light Project works by detecting strange surges in light from stars light years away. While these surges might be space trash, these could also signify life.

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Australia Joins In World War 3 Against Aliens?

While the project is not run by the government, more privately owned research centers are participating in it.

The recent addition to the roster is Australia’s Parkes radio telescope. According to Milner, the recently added third telescope is an important piece because “These major instruments are the ears of planet Earth, and now they are listening for signs of other civilizations.”

While both world war 3 and alien existence are still uncertain, there is still a possibility for that. And if these aliens do exist, Hawking says that “they will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.”

In addition, Andrew Siemion, director of the University of California, Berkeley’s SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Research Center, shared that while “The chances of any particular planet hosting intelligent life-forms are probably minuscule,” “once we knew there was a planet right next door, we had to ask the question, and it was a fitting first observation for Parkes,” Siemion added. “To find a civilization just 4.2 light-years away would change everything.”

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