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US Election Polls Results Reportedly Rigged by Russia; Hillary Clinton Pegged as Real Winner

The US election polls are hinting at very strange circumstances indeed. Reportedly, Russia is trying to rig the US election as per rumors. Some suggest that Russia is backing up Trump while some say Hilary has hidden Russian support.

The election polls may indicate Russian interference in the US presidential election. According to VOA, Russia has already been accused by the White House. This accusation pertained to hacking into computers of the Democratic Party.

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A Russian state media blitz has also witnessed that has promoted one candidate above another. The Wiki Leaks release also revealed campaign emails of Hilary Clinton. These reportedly came from Russian secret services.

All throughout the election polls and earlier, Russian media reports have talked of manipulation of election infrastructure by Hilary. There has also been talk of how actual support for Trump will be overturned by Hilary’s machinery. Russian state television has also talked of “carousel voting” for Hilary and even “dead souls” voting for Clinton on election day.

Several Russian media houses feel that the elections will be rigged by Hilary Clinton herself. Some, however, think that Russia is subtly trying to rig the polls in favor of Clinton. The Kremlin apparently favors Trump for his position on Ukraine and Syria.

Even Hilary Clinton’s campaign has blasted Trump for aligning with Russian authorities. Clinton has been shown as anti-Russian. Vladimir Putin, in fact, accused Clinton in 2011 of inviting Russians to protest rigged elections.

The Independent Journal Review has reported that the relationship shared by Trump and Russia is intriguing. Trump has already talked of Vladimir Putin as a friend in the past. However, he currently denies any personal or professional ties with Russia.

Will Russia Want Trump To Win? 

Russia may want Trump to win since they feel he may be easier to deal with. Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange is under fire for a possible conspiracy in tandem with Russia. Wiki Leaks has already released innumerable emails from Clinton’s private server.

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However, another view suggests that Russia may actually want Clinton to win. This is because her actions and behavior would be more predictable. Trump, on the other hand, might keep Russia guessing about his eventual intentions.

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