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US Election Polls Results: Donald Trump Will Win!

Election polls results are coming in from all quarters and they are quite surprising indeed! Donald Trump is now being forecasted to win by several experts. He already has a surprising lead over Hilary Clinton.

The  polls findings are surprising viewers, particularly with Trump’s lead over Hilary. Fox News has already reported the pair of major victories earned by Trump last night in Ohio and North Carolina. Hilary Clinton continues to trail behind the Republican nominee in the electoral vote count.

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Most of the election polls results continue to favor Trump as he holds a lead over his opponent. Even Trump’s campaign manager talked of “feeling buoyant” with the results so far. There are projections of Trump winning in Montana and Idaho.

He may also win in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Wyoming and South Dakota. Trump may also win all four electoral votes in Nebraska. He may also win West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama and Oklahoma. He is currently ahead of Hilary in Utah and may snag Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri too.

Clinton may win New York, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Washington State, Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. She may also win Massachusetts, Vermont, District of Columbia and Connecticut.

Trump himself has confidently stated that he will win several states. The current results indicate that Donald Trump may win by a slim margin. Even CNN had John King talking of how the results are favoring Trump.

Trump May Actually Be Winning 

King is traveling throughout North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Hampshire. King even talked of how there was nothing “encouraging for Hilary Clinton right now”. This was in relation to a question about Clinton’s prospects in New Hampshire.

Even journalist Carl Bernstein had a significant point to make. He talked of how there is a “sea change” in the country. He referred to the demagogue running a “racist, anti-immigrant, nativist campaign”. He also expressed surprise that this campaign could lead to the Republican party nomination. Bernstein said that it was “astonishing” that this nominee could “capture the presidency”.

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