The Division Update Survival

The Division Update: Expansion Pack Adds New Game Mode & Survival Mode

The next The Division update introduces a new 24-player survival mode and it is intense.

Survival, the next major DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Division, may have been delayed to an unknown date later this year, but that doesn’t mean Ubisoft is keeping us in the dark. Players that purchase the upcoming expansion will gain access to a new survival game type, as reported by Kotaku.

Developers announced this new game type in a surprise livestream a few days ago. So what does the new mode entail? It’s still The Division that most are familiar with, even taking place in the same map as the base game — but there’s a bit of a twist.

A blizzard is attacking the city and players must navigate to the center of Manhattan to retrieve some antiviral drugs less they succumb to the extreme conditions. The only thing players will have to defend themselves with is some low-level gear and a pistol. To add to the challenge, players will start with no skills whatsoever and the mini-map will be disabled.

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I Will Survive

Of course the biggest hook for the upcoming mode is that it’s a survival game — with a very distinct focus on surviving. Hunger, dehydration, sickness, and of course the cold will affect the player in negative ways. Thirst will limit vision and awareness. Hunger will slow down health regeneration. And the cold will slowly kill the player.

To combat these forces, the player must search the environment for food, water, medicine, and clothes. All clothing from the game will now have a cold rating attached to them. The better the rating, the warmer the player is while wearing them. Shelters and sources of fire will also work as a source of heat.

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In addition to that, new hideouts will be added throughout the map where players can craft. The mode will have both a PvP and PvE version with PvP granting better rewards at the end. There is no respawning in this game type — if you’re dead, you’re dead. So be careful.

No release date for the expansion yet. But PC players that bought the Season Pass can get into the beta today in the game’s public test server.


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