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Resident Evil 7 Demo Trailer: Monsters Replace Zombies; Change May Affect Sales

We asked for monsters, Resident Evil 7 gives us monsters. However, with its new teasers, we have more reasons to be afraid of the dark.

Resident Evil 7 capped off a week of Halloween with two new teasers for the game. Unfortunately, one is more frightening than the last.

Players will remember that much of the “horrors” in Resident Evil 7 were limited to the enigmatic Baker family. We only know that some of its members are a bit deranged and possibly cannibalistic. However, the game introduces us to a mysterious Aunt Rhody in the last of its teasers.

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However, what’s more, disturbing is the appearance of the first monster in the game. People have been clamoring to see just why players need to use the bonus pack’s weapons. It appears that the Vol. 9 teasers revealed just what’s inside the shadows.

One can only describe the monster above as a charred humanoid being. What it had for a face was replaced with layers and layers of teeth. The skin you can barely see beneath its charred exoskeleton is directly its insides. Based on the frantic shooting of the protagonist, bullets don’t seem to affect the monster either.

Resident Evil 7 does seem to want to amplify the scares than its other counterparts. Silent Hill simply had disturbing monsters. However, this up there is downright terrifying.

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Resident Evil 7: New Monsters, New Sales?

Capcom officially announced that it expected the game to deliver 4-million copies by the time it launches. This comes from the Capcom’s latest earnings meeting. According to Game Rant, the answer came with an affirmation that the game will definitely sell long after it launches.

However, Capcom also said that Resident Evil 7 will be a “foundation” title. Not only does this merit a potential sequel, but also an appearance in other media. We may actually be seeing a Resident Evil 7 movie – albeit separate from the Milla Jovovich franchise – soon.

Regardless, the projection is close to Resident Evil 6‘s 4.8-million units. It can be noted that this was “disappointing” as of 2012. However, being a “reboot,” it only makes sense to set the bar a little lower than expected.

Resident Evil 7 will have a January 24, 2017 release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One and PC.

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