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NBA Warriors Trade: Klay Thompson Slams Kevin Durant; Blames Him for Slump

Warriors Trade reports reveal that Klay Thompson is facing a major performance slump. As per rumors, he has slammed teammate Kevin Durant as the reason behind his woes. There is widespread speculation behind Durant constricting Thompson’s performances at the Warriors.

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Warriors Trade news reveals that Durant was a coveted buy for the team and his style of play often cuts into Thompson’s strategies. However, ESPN reports that Thompson has dismissed all such rumors by saying that Durant’s addition has nothing to do with his poor performance.

Thompson mouthed “not at all” when asked about this issue. He also talked about his struggles for the first 20 games last year when Durant was not in the picture. Warriors trade news has it that Thompson is convinced that his lean spell has nothing to do with Durant.

Why Klay Thompson Is On A Cold Streak 

Thompson is on a woeful run at the moment. He went 4-of-18 for 10 points from the field in the last game played by the Golden State Warriors. This was an 117-97 defeat at the hands of the Lakers. Thompson’s shooting percentage stands at just 19.6% in the first six games played by his team.

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Surprisingly, however, he did finish second in 3 pointers after teammate Stephen Curry over the last three seasons. However, Thompson did clarify that it is “just like any other season”. He also talked about how he is “still getting the shots I always got”. He also stated how “it’s not on Kevin at all” and wished to look ahead.

Thompson has also revealed that he examines videos of his better shooting performances at times like these. He also watches highlights of rival teams before matches. He also talked about his non-performance as no “big deal”. Thompson will get a chance to return to form against the New Orleans Pelicans in the next game for the Warriors.

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