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NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George Joins OKC Thunder with Russell Westbrook

The recent NBA trade rumors involve negotiations between the Oklahoma City Thunder with the Indiana Pacers. The Thunders are eyeing Paul George to be part of their team before the 2016-2017 NBA playoffs.

While Russell Westbrook is a superstar scorer for the Thunders, the team has proven from a game against the Golden State Warriors that one point guard is not enough.

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After Kevin Durant’s defection from OKC, the team is probably on the look out for a new small forward to assist the point guard.

Because of Kevin Durant’s decision to move from OKC to Golden State Warriors, the all-star forward is arguably one of the most hated players at present.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George Okays OKC?

Because of this, NBA trade rumors about Paul George joining the Oklahoma City Thunders is spreading.

While adding Paul George will prove to be a great idea for OKC, the Pacers might not give their star player away easily.

In the Pacers lineup, Paul George is the only one capable of making points on his own. In addition, other than Russell Westbrook, there aren’t any players that can equal Paul George in terms of individual scores.

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While Kevin Durant has been receiving backlash from NBA lovers everywhere, Paul George is a well-admired player. After suffering from a fractured leg, of which he took an entire season to recover, the small forward is on a mission to redeem his former greatness.

Some would even argue that Paul George is on par with Lebron James prior to his injury. This was evident during the 2014 Eastern Conference finals. Miami Heat and Pacers went neck to neck in six games.

The 26-year old all-star seems to be back in his game and has fully recovered from his injury. In Pacers game versus the Toronto Raptors, he scored the highest points per game during the first round of the recently concluded NBA playoffs.

With all these, Paul George is without argument an asset to the Pacers. Because of this, a trade with OKC might not be possible.

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