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MLB Trade Rumors: Ian Kinsler Stats, Why Dodgers Want Him Out

MLB Trade Rumors are buzzing about the Dodgers wanting to wash their hands off Ian Kinsler. This has sparked rumors of them being unjust since Kinsler has good statistics overall. However, the Dodgers may be looking for better performances overall.

MLB Trade Rumors are pointing at Ian Kinsler’s statistics as being a major reason for the Dodgers’ decision. talks of how Kinsler is a good second baseman and right batter. He throws right and is 6 feet tall.

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ESPN also confirms his statistics where his average in October stood at .143 but over the last seven days, he has propelled it up to .391. His statistics for the last seven days stand like this-

  • AB- 23
  • R-6
  • H-9
  • 2B-2
  • 3B- 0
  • HR-2
  • RBI-5
  • BB- 2

Kinsler has a 2016 regular season average of .288 and a career average of .277. As MLB Trade Rumors seem to suggest, Kinsler has definitely been a higher performer. His average itself is quite indicative of where he stands.

Why Kinsler Deserves to Be Retained

An average of .391 indicates a player who is at the very best of his abilities. Anything above .300 makes a season literally great for any player. Here, Kinsler is having an uber great last seven days, to say the least.

His career stats and average are pretty good as well. He has established himself as a second baseman of repute and is known for his tactical acumen. This comes in handy while reading several crucial situations in the game.

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The big question is that why do the Dodgers wish to do away with Kinsler? This is a veritable mystery of sorts. His October average may be a case in point but there have been fewer games too. Kinsler has rebounded in the last seven days with a vengeance. This, however, does not seem to impress the Dodgers management.

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