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MLB Dodgers Trade: Aroldis Chapman May Dump LA for Yankees

Dodgers trade rumors are hinting at Aroldis Chapman favoring the Yankees. This points to a possible situation where Chapman may dump the Dodgers for the Yankees. However, he appears to be a top pick for both teams.

The Dodgers and Yankees both want Chapman. The two teams may get into a bidding war over him as well. Both teams are working to get under the luxury tax threshold by 2018 according to the New York Post.

Both the Dodgers and Yankees are seeking to upgrade their rosters in the offseason. Other clubs such as the Giants, Cubs and Nationals are also on a similar mission. The Dodgers have one advantage when it comes to Chapman though.

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The Yankees are also fancying Kenley Jansen and this may make them shift away from Chapman. However, other sources state that signing Jansen would mean losing a first round draft pick next year. This would not happen if Chapman is signed up as per Dodgers trade rumors

There is a little controversy surrounding Chapman, particularly his past career and reputation. However, the Yankees mostly considered Chapman to be a low maintenance prospect. Chapman spent only a few months at the team.

Chapman is expected to finally opt for the highest bidder. However, he has already stated that he really cherished his stint at the Yankees. The Dodgers will also like to keep Jansen. Yet, they are currently on a major mission to lure Chapman as per Dodgers trade rumors.

Why The Dodgers Are Interested 

The Dodgers agreed to a trade for Chapman with the Reds last December. However, before this deal was finalized, there were public domestic allegations against the player. The Dodgers backed out of the deal once these allegations broke out.

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Chapman is already being wooed by the Yankees according to CBS Sport. The GM of the team has confirmed that interest in the player has been expressed to his agent already. The Yankees first got Chapman from the Reds in December 2015. However, he was later traded to the Cubs. Chapman is a free agent now and will not cost any compensatory draft pick to his new team.

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