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Young Justice Season 3 for Netflix; 2016 Plot, Character Speculations Here

DC fans, it’s time for some above-than-usual whelming news. It appears Robin and the gang will return for Young Justice Season 3, per DC Entertainment’s confirmation.

The series was a fan-favorite animated series featuring a large cast of characters from the DC universe of comics. Young Justice created a large fanbase with splendid animation sequences. Fans also praised its character development and design. It was watched by a whopping 25-million unique viewers in each of its two seasons.

According to Comic Book, producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman will return to produce Young Justice Season 3. The two are known for their works such as Batman: Under the Red HoodSuperman: Doomsday and Star Wars Rebels.

Sadly, Warner Bros. Animation did not reveal the release date for the series so far. Young Justice also doesn’t have a network partner at this point. However, given the appearance of the first two seasons in Netflix, there is a chance that our favorite heroes will be accessible through the service.

Young Justice is a tale of teenage superheroes that are struggling to live their lives outside the shadows of their mentors. The series is essentially a coming-of-age tale. However, they did not become the Teen Titans like in the comics. Instead, the young superheroes become a “covert” team for the Justice League. The cast expanded later on in the story after the team gained official League membership.

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Young Justice Season 3: Waiting Time is Over

The cast features a wide variety of characters such as Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Aqualad, Speedy and Artemis as mainstays. They eventually became adults and had different careers in Season 2. They still make cameos, but are replaced by Beast Boy, Zatanna, Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, Wonder Girl and Impulse.

The series also features its own unique story. Young Justice is known for taking elements from various popular storylines in the DC Comics Universe.

The critical reception of the series among fans generated quite the outburst after its reported “cancellation” a few years back. Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series president Sam Register said this has been taken into consideration.

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Hopefully, the series reveals the fate of Kid Flash – or Wally West – who appears to have sacrificed his life in the end of Season 2.

Interestingly, Young Justice Season 3 can effectively reboot the series given the unresolved matter with Wally West. Like in the Flash series, they can reboot the franchise as its own version of Flashpoint and resolve plot points throughout the course of the series.

However, Young Justice also has the option of introducing new characters related to the current comics universe. The resurgence of the Green Lanterns may merit an appearance of a young Hal Jordan or an entirely made-for-TV character. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent (the sons of Batman and Superman respectively) can finally make an appearance.

Players can also visit the series’ official website on YJS3 to be updated.

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