Vanderpump Rules season 5

Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Premiere: Tom, Lala Hook Up Speculated, Stassi Defends Kristen

Just a few more hours and fans will get to watch Vanderpump Rules season 5. The latest season promises heated conflicts and surprises keeping their fans’ excitement on a high note.

To start the season with a bang, Stassi Schroeder and Tom Schwartz get into a heated argument while at a party. Kristen Doute is also present in the conversation. The former wants Tom to pay no attention to Lala Kent. Going back to last season’s finale, Kent confessed to Schwartz of her feelings towards him.

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Schroeder asks Schwartz, “If Lala comes up and is nice to you, how are you going to be?” In which the 32-year-old model answered, “I’m going to be nice.”

Schroeder then makes Schwartz feel guilty by reminding him that he is engaged with Katie Maloney. Schroeder, not happy with Schwartz answer explains to him that Kent is not nice to his fiancee.

Schwartz, knowing that Schroeder and his fiancee also have falling outs in the past, explains to Schroeder, “For a long time Katie hated you, and you guys had falling outs. And Katie would ask me to inherit the grudges.”

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“I did it to you because I didn’t like you for real. For a while!”, he says. He goes on to confess his feelings about Schroeder and Doute. “I feel like I can’t voice my opinion.”

Schroeder answers right back, Only if your opinion is, like, right, and then we’ll let you voice it!”

28-year-old Schroeder and 33-year-old Doute are inseparable. As Schwartz once said on the camera,  “They’re some sort of ‘vagina mafia.’ It’s like they have each other’s back no matter what.”

Bravo‘s Vanderpump Rules season 5 premieres on November 5 at 9:00pm E.T.

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