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US Election Polls Results 2016: Donald Trump Wins; 45th President of USA

The Election polls results are almost out and Donald Trump is reportedly close to winning. Sources have reported that Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton and stands a good chance. If he wins, he will be the 45th President of the United States.

Election polls results may still be sometime away but there is speculation regarding the same. The Huffington Post has reported that Trump has already talked of Hillary being a “phony.” The Democrat has responded with accusations of Trump dividing the country.

This comes on the back of pre election polls results and surveys. In these, Clinton only has a slender lead over Trump. They are currently locked in a last minute attempt to woo supporters in key states.

Clinton is seeking more support from the Afro-American and Latin communities. Trump is looking to capture Democrats and the middle class. He has already sparked a controversy by stating that the middle class has long been sidelined by politicos.

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Al Jazeera states that electoral numbers give the Democrats a head start anyway. If Trump gets Florida, Iowa, Nevada and Ohio, it may change the game. This may give him a major lead instead.

Why Trump Stands a Serious Chance

Pennsylvania, Michigan and Philadelphia are major areas which will be hotly contested as per reports. Trump has already asked voters whether they want America to be ruled by “the corrupt political class”. He has promised that the “American working class will strike back” and is confident of winning.

The latest opinion polls are showing a tiny lead of 5% for Clinton. She has 44% nationally in comparison to Trump’s 39%. However, Trump’s impassioned appeal to the working classes may cement the results in his favor.

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Also states like North Carolina and Florida are now unpredictable. This is indicative since they were favoring Hilary earlier. Trump has steadily eroded the comfortable lead enjoyed by Hilary Clinton earlier.

Florida is the biggest prize of the night. Lose that and Trump supporters can almost just go to bed.

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