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US Election Polls 2016: How to Vote, Voting Polls & What Time – Voting Details to Know

Before US elections on November 8, here’s how to vote and reminders that might come in handy for you before choosing your candidate:

Pre-voting: Are you registered?

Check first and foremost if you have already been registered or have updated your registration.

Luckily, you can register online in selected states. While most states allow online registration, you should still make sure by following the instructions here.

While voter registration has passed in most states, if you’re from Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Wyoming then you can still register.

Make sure you check your voting status at Can I Vote’s page.

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What you should and what you can’t bring on election day:

Make sure to bring valid IDs with your photos. States vary with their requirements so it’s best to visit RockThe Vote’s page  to check what ID you might need. You can also bring a sample utility bill, the sample ballot booklet sent to you as identifications.

CNN also advises that it is best not to wear campaign clothes. Some states such as Virginia even banned such to avoid violence during election day. Other than clothing, any campaign paraphernalia is also banned.

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Where and what time can you vote?

Each person is designated a polling place you can find at the sample ballot booklet mailed to you. If you have yet received a booklet, you can call your country elections office here. If your name is not in the voter list, you can still vote in a provisional ballot.

It is always advisable to vote in the middle of work hours as traffic in the voting centers are usually before and after work. However, the usual time polls open are from 7am to 8pm. Do check first the schedule as it varies per state.

Remember, there are four presidential candidates to choose from. Learn how to vote properly and vote wisely!

Democratic party’s Hillary Clinton,  Republican nominee Donald Trump, Green nominee Jill Stein and Gary Johnson for the Libertarians.

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