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US Election Polls 2016: 8 Donald Trump Games You Should Play While Waiting for Results

With the US elections just around the corner, here’s 8 Donald Trump games that you can play while waiting for the election polls results.

1. Paper Drumpf

Paper Drumpf follows the story of Abigail Thoreau, a campaign manager working for Daffy Drumpf. Despite the silly name change, Paper Drumpf tells a very dark and somber narrative as well as a chilling potential future for the country.

It was written by Greg Buchanan — narrative designer at Supermassive Games, most well known for the PlayStation thriller Until Dawn.

The game is available for free here.

2. Mr. President


In Mr. President, you take on the role of Dick “Rock-Hard” Johnson — bulletproof man and bodyguard to presidential candidate Ronald Rump. Mr. President has you playing various stages where a sniper is trying to take out your candidate. As Dick Johnson, you must prevent Ronald Rump’s demise by either pushing him out of the way, or taking the bullet for yourself.

The game uses QWOP-like controls and physics that makes simple tasks like walking a chore. It’s sure to provide both a challenge and some laughs as you progress from different areas where Mr. Rump is campaigning that each present new challenges. From a normal US conference hall to a Chinese sweat shop — Mr. President presents a wide variety of stages and tricks.

It is available on Steam here.

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3. The Political Machine 2016


The latest entry in the The Political Machine franchise, the 2016 version follows the same engine and gameplay of its predecessors. Choose a candidate (including Trump himself) as you go through the entire 2016 US elections. From campaigning in different states to having debates, The Political Machine 2016 attempts to simulate your rise to presidency.

The game is a standard simulation game wherein you make simple decisions that affect how well your campaign is going. You can choose where to campaign, where to do promos, what to say and support, as well as set-up controversies for your opponents.

The game is available on Steam here.

4. Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency


Just like the last title, Maker America Great Again: The Trump Presidency is a simulation game. However unlike The Political Machine 2016, this title already assumes that Trump has won the election. And now you take on the role of Trump himself as you, well, try to make America great again.

Make decisions as the president that will have consequences all around the world. Make deals with other countries to give American an economic boon. Defeat ISIS so that America will be kept safe from their terror. All these decisions are up to you in your quest to make America great again.

Grab the game from Steam here.

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5. Trump Simulator VR


Even Donald Trump isn’t immune from the VR craze. Trump Simulator VR has you taking on the mantle of Trump himself as you have five minutes to prepare for a big speech. Complete your to-do list within those five minutes so that you can deliver your speech perfectly.

Trump Simulator VR is available on Steam for the HTC Vive here.

6. The Ship: Remastered


The Ship is a multiplayer game that first came out in 2006. It had you as a passenger on a ship with one goal: kill your quarry. The twist however is that you don’t know what they look like or where they are — you only have their name. At the same time, you yourself are being hunted as well. So it’s a race towards killing your target before your killer gets to you first.

In 2016, the game came out with a remastered edition, simply titled The Ship: Remastered. And just a few months ago, an update came out that included world leaders as the passengers of the ship — including America’s own Trump and Hillary.

Get it from Steam here.

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7. Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition


Surgeon Simulator is well known game for those that follow Lets Players and streamers as it really exploded in popularity because of them. In Surgeon Simulator you play as a surgeon that can’t really use their hands very well. The controls are intentionally clunky and hard to use properly to give the game the challenge and experience it was going for.

Early this year, the developers behind the game added a new surgery to the Anniversary Edition of the title called “Inside Donald Trump.” Players were given the opportunity to perform a heart transplant on Trump himself and gave players the choice of either giving him a heart of gold or a heart of stone.

If you don’t have the Anniversary Edition of Surgeon Simulator yet, you can get the upgrade here.

8. Supreme Ruler: Trump Rising


Just like the last two titles, Supreme Ruler: Trump Rising is new content for an already pre-existing game. Acting as a free DLC for Supreme Ruler Ultimate, players can take control of Donald Trump and serve as the new leader of the USA. Control the country’s economy, military, and foreign relationships in this strategy game.

The free DLC can be picked up here but requires the base game here.

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