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US Election 2016 Polls: Obama Mocks Donald Trump’s Intelligence; ‘Can’t Handle Nuclear Codes’

The US Election 2016 polls updates have been nothing short of surprising. After a surge in number for Donald Trump, outgoing President Barack Obama has mocked the Republican candidate. This came after Trump’s Twitter account was taken away by his campaign advisors.

The US Election 2016 polls are going neck to neck with Hillary Clinton having a slim forecasted lead over Trump. According to CNBC, Obama mocked Trump at a rally in support of Clinton at Florida. This majorly pertained to Trump’s Twitter account being taken away by his campaign officials, the site notes.

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All throughout the US Election 2016, Trump has been using Twitter to call our, and sometimes, insult his rivals. He has also complained about media coverage. Trump has also tweeted several scathing attacks in the early hours of the morning. This has led to Trump’s advisors have “wrested away” his account.

What Obama Said

Obama stated that in the last couple of days, Trump’s campaign managers had “little confidence in his self control”. He added that Trump couldn’t “handle a Twitter account” then he will never be able to “handle the nuclear codes”.

The Democrats and Hillary Clinton have lashed out at Trump for such tweeting habits. This has happened periodically throughout the election. Trump also created a huge Twitter controversy recently when he started attacking an ex-Miss Universe title winner. This happened after she supported Clinton and spoke out against the Republican candidate.

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President Obama also cracked a joke related to an early morning tweet posted by Trump last month. This had Trump criticizing Saturday Night Live for its portrayal of him. He also talked of how there is rampant “rigging” of the elections by the media.

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Obama stated that “if somebody starts tweeting at 3 in the morning” for such a flimsy reason, it points to incapability. He added that once Trump started tweeting “because SNL made fun of you” it became clear that he will be unable to handle crucial matters.

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