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Project Scorpio Xbox VR Details Revealed! 4K PC & Xbox One Games Confirmed

Recent news reveals that Project Scorpio will play UWP PC games at 4K.

Project Scorpio and the Universal Windows Platform

A report by Windows Central today reveals some new interesting information for Project Scorpio. As we all know, Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s next Xbox console and is set to become the most powerful console ever made. Phil Spencer claims that Project Scorpio will be powerful enough to support 4K games and high-fidelity VR thanks to its 6-teraflops of power. He also claims that, despite the difference in power, Project Scorpio will not have any exclusives against the Xbox One.

So how was Microsoft able to do develop a console that can do all that? Well the answer is through the use of the Universal Windows Platform or UWP.

To those not familiar, UWP is a set of APIs that standardizes development across the Windows 10 platforms. This includes PCs, Xbox, Surfaces, mobile devices, IoT, and even the upcoming HoloLens. And what this means is that if a developer used UWP for their software, then it will be able to run on any other platform with minimal changes.

So what does this mean for Scorpio? Well basically, it means that Scorpio can run 4K Windows 10 Store UWP games natively. This includes Gears of WarForza Horizon, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. And if you’ve seen how beautiful those games look at 4K on the PC, then you know what to expect with Microsoft’s new console.

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Project Scorpio Leading Microsoft Development

The Xbox team is using Scorpio as their main hub for development across their platforms. Reports say that the new console will actually be able to emulate the hardware of the Xbox One. This allows developers to test how well their game will run at the different power levels.

Since the Xbox One, Windows 10, and Scorpio all utilize UWP, the Xbox team has effectively streamlined development. What this means is that if one were to develop a title for Scorpio with UWP, then that title will also work on Windows 10 and Xbox One. There are already some upcoming third-party UWP titles in the Windows 10 store such as GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Cuphead, and Everspace and all these will Scorpio-ready in 4K simply because of being developed in UWP.

Being able to develop for three different platforms simultaneously should encourage more development for these platforms. More AAA titles will arrive for the Windows 10 store. And at the same time, more 4K-compatible games will arrive for the Scorpio and high-end PCs.

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