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Nostradamus Election Predictions 2016 Say Hillary Clinton will Win, Not Donald Trump

Nostradamus election predictions are now pointing at Hillary Clinton’s victory. The election predictions are talking of Hilary Clinton winning — this was confirmed by a History Channel documentary which examined the predictions comprehensively.

Monsters & Critics noted that a History Channel documentary examined the predictions in relation to the 2016 Presidential Relation. It concluded that the Nostradamus election predictions backed Hillary to win.

What Do the Predictions Actually Say?

The show called Nostradamus: Election 2016 had several experts delineating the 16th century French seer’s predictions. Several verses were highlighted including one that talks of Trump as a “great shameless, audacious brawler.” Another has a “masculine woman” and says that she “will exert herself till the north”.

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Nostradamus election predictions also talk of “the lost thing is discovered”. This may refer to Donald Trump’s controversies relating to groping of women. Notably, it may also refer to women who are now revealing Trump’s scandals.

Nostradamus passed away in 1566 but his predictions are taken to be indicative of the future. There are verses like “he will speak with such great fury and rage.” Other verses include “to fire and blood he will consign the entire sex”. Highly indicative ones include “the blonde one will come to compromise the fork-nosed one”.

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These lines seem to be referring to the US 2016 Presidential Elections, according to experts. The President of the Nostradamus Society of America also confirmed the same. Victor Baines spoke of how these predictions suggest that Clinton will win the election.

He talked of how the “blonde one” refers to Clinton and the “fork-nosed one” refers to Trump. Baines talked of how Hilary will win the election if she is anyway going to “compromise” him. However, the show also talked of how there are other interpretations.

Some interpretations talk of how Trump will actually win as suggested by Nostradamus predictions. There is another verse that says “when the great queen sees herself conquered”. This indicates to Hilary losing and also talks of how she will then have “an excess of masculine courage”.

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