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Neymar Barcelona News 2016: FC Star Reportedly Jailed for Fraud & Corruption

The latest Neymar Barcelona rumors continue to shock fans and enthusiasts. As per sources, the Brazilian football superstar may face a trial. Corruption charges have been acknowledged against him in relation of his transfer to the club.

The Neymar Barcelona updates point at the acknowledgement of corruption charges by a Spanish judge. These charges have been leveled against Neymar, paving the way for this trial. The charges pertain to irregularities in the star’s transfer to Barcelona.

Sports Nova has reported that the DIS investment fund has again gone ahead with the case. The organization claims that Neymar’s 2013 transfer to Barcelona led to it being scammed. The fund earlier had the star’s transfer rights.

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However, these charges have been denied by Neymar and his parents as well. The Neymar Barcelona charges were initially dismissed in July. However, the Spanish Supreme Court then ordered a reopening of the case in September by Judge Jose de la Mata.

The Others Who Stand to Face Trial

The DIS Brazilian investment Group has also filed a complaint against two influential Barcelona figures. They are ex-president Sandro Rosell and President Josep Maria Bartomeu. Both men will also have to stand the trial alongside Neymar.

The Court has stated that Neymar, his agent Neymar Da Silva Santos and parents will face corruption charges. Neymar’s mother Nadine Goncalves is a 50% shareholder in the N&N family organization. The Judge has stated that the two officers “were just as responsible for the decision and aware of its illegality”. He also talked of how “both knew the full circumstances when they decided to sign this contract”.

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The major “objective of this contract was to directly alter the free market of players” according to the Judge. If so, the above conclusion can very well be made. Neymar’s ex-club Santos has also been criticized for the shady transfer deal.

DSI had 40% of Neymar’s sporting rights when this transfer took place. The organization has claimed that Barcelona did not reveal the actual fee. Barcelona reportedly kept DSI in the dark about the deal.

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