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MLB Trade Rumors: Tigers Miguel Cabrera Moves to Red Sox

MLB Trade news is hinting at a potential switch to Red Sox by Miguel Cabrera. The Detroit Tigers are reportedly willing to listen to all offers. This may lead to Cabrera being traded sometime soon.

ESPN has confirmed that the Detroit Tigers will consider trade offers from almost everybody as per MLB Trade news. Detroit however may not execute any offer unless a good deal is found. Reportedly, Miguel Cabrera may be on the block along with Ian Kinsler. Justin Verlander may also be up for sale.

Bleacher Report has confirmed that Miguel Cabrera may potentially move to the Red Sox. This is because Cabrera is widely known as being one of the best hitters in his generation. He has been MVP two times and also won the Triple Crown. He has put up excellent stats in 2016 and has 11 All-Star Games under his belt.

Cabrera wound up last season with 38 home runs and 108 RBI. He also had a batting average of .316. He is 33 years old at present and is contracted till 2023. He already has average earnings crossing $30 million each season.

Will the Tigers Go For It?

The Tigers are already assessing what Cabrera is worth in the market according to MLB Trade news. The Tigers are ready to listen to all offers that they receive. However, there might be a few obstacles towards Cabrera getting a good deal as well.

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 The Tigers may have to agree to a bad contract or consume a major chunk of his deal. Also, Cabrera can himself block any such proposed trade. However, in spite of these challenges, general manager Al Avila talked of being “open minded to anything”.

Avila talked of going out and talking to “29 other clubs”. This will be to actually make a roadmap for making the Tigers more efficient and leaner. There were other rumors of a package deal containing Verlander and Cabrera in a blockbuster of sorts. This would target the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox as per rumors.

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