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MLB Mets Trade: Yoenis Cespedes May Sign with Dodgers for $125M

Mets Trade Rumors have been buzzing about a possible trade for Yoenis Cespedes. As per rumors, Cespedes will sign with the Dodgers on a five-year contract. This contract will be worth a whopping $125 million as per rumors.

Mets Trade news is hinting at Cespedes signing up for $125 million with the Dodgers. This comes after he opted out of the last two years of his Mets contract. He also had $47.5 million remaining on the same as per MLB Trade Rumors.

As per Mets Trade talks, Cespedes re-entered free agency but this is not so surprising. A five or six-year deal did not materialize last year for Cespedes. The 31-year-old had a career best walk rate of 9.4%. In spite of a quad injury, he did garner 31 home runs in 132 games as well.

Adding Fuel To The Fire

There are rumors that the Dodgers may want Cespedes as a left fielder instead of center field. The Mets will also reportedly look to cash in on Cespedes and sell him to the Dodgers. The Giants, Nationals and Astros are also other top contenders to snap up the player.

MLB Trade Rumors has also pointed out the reasons behind Cespedes choosing to resign with New York. He signed his $75 million, three-year deal last offseason due to its three day opt-out clause. He has now tapped into this clause and is up for grabs on the market.

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Cespedes could land a deal in nine figures before best season according to reports. He could have signed a $110 million five-year deal with the Nationals. However, their offer had deferred payments which cut the current value to $77 million. As a result, Cespedes did not sign with the Nationals last winter.

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Cespedes may reportedly land the most lucrative deal by value after his recent performances. He has already played for four teams in a period of six years or so. If he gets his desired deal within a few months, he may choose to remain at one team for a long time.

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