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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 12: Kim Returns; Paris Robbery Dubbed as Fake for Higher Ratings

Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 12 has suffered delays and halt in production along with Kim’s Paris robbery incident. However, some are saying that the robbery was staged in order to get better ratings for the 13th season.

The news of the superstar robbed at gunpoint inside her husband’s Paris hotel room was the headline of stories for weeks. The traumatic experience had the once social Kim Kardashian, hiding behind closed doors. Her jewelry box and her wedding ring were stolen, all of which amounted to more than $10 Million.

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E! reported that “She begged for them [the robbers] to let her live and [said] she has babies at home. Then they wrapped her mouth in tape and put her in the bathtub,” they said. “She thought they were for sure going to kill her.” People added that she thought she would be raped the entire time the robbery took place. “She really did think she was going to be raped. She had a gun to her head the whole time.”

Robbery Faked for Ratings? Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 12 Without Kim.

After the incident, the star kept low-key and barely seen in public or on-air. This resulted in the plummeting ratings of Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 12. Despite her non-presence in the series, the show still continues. But according to Mirror, its decrease in ratings is a serious consideration for the NBC-owned E! Entertainment. The cable TV station has been suffering from shows of low ratings and has been looking for ways to increase ratings by all means.

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And does “by all means” mean staging the robbery in Paris for a better story line? Well, some think so.

The idea may be far-fetched but Kim’s return is highly anticipated and everyone is dying to know what Kim is going through from her own words. What better way to know about it than through the reality series focusing on their lives?

However, the robbery did happen. And Kim’s Paris story has not been confirmed to be part of season 13. In fact, the entire season 13 has yet been announced. Its date of airing is still undetermined and most likely still in assessment, not because of ratings but because the pivotal character of Kim is still healing from her Paris trauma.

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