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Jim Bob Michelle Duggar Divorce: Josh, Anna Also Reportedly Heading to Splitsville

The Jim Bob Michelle Duggar divorce rumors have continued unabated for some time now. The couple seems headed for a separation. On the other hand, even Josh and Anna Duggar are also on the verge of divorce.

The Gamers Drop has reported on the Jim Bob Michelle Duggar divorce rumors. The romance seems to have gone out of the backdoor due to financial constraints. The sex scandals and other controversies related to their son Josh have been a major reason.

The Jim Bob Michelle Duggar divorce appears to be a distinct reality. The couple has lost the 19 Kids and Counting show and all their advertisers and promoters. In case they don’t chance upon a solution anytime soon, they might lose everything they have.

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Jim Bob’s reluctance to acknowledge these financial difficulties is reportedly stressing out Michelle. The couple currently has limited options as far as their television future is concerned. Michelle is reportedly anxious about maintaining their current lifestyle and raising all their 19 kids.

Josh & Anna’s Divorce Rumors 

The Christian Post has also reported that Ana Duggar may be considering a divorce from Josh Duggar. Duggar was earlier admitted to a Christian rehabilitation centre for pornography addiction. Sources have stated that Anna is already planning to hire a divorce lawyer and wants to “rid herself of him”.

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Anna’s new friends have been counseling her to get a divorce as per rumors. Anna also feels that Josh has not treated her well in spite of her support for him all throughout the scandals. The couple has four children and even tried for a fifth child as per rumors. However, this attempt proved futile and Anna has taken it as God telling her not to take it further with Josh.

It was earlier revealed that Josh molested five underage girls and two of these were Jill and Jessa, his own sisters. Josh was also revealed to have accounts at the extramarital affairs website of Ashley Madison. Josh has earlier labeled himself “the biggest hypocrite ever” and opened up about his actions. Even Inquisitr has talked of how Anna’s new circle of friends is motivating her to divorce Josh.

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