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Dishonored 2 Release Date & Review: Denuvo DRM Protection Sucks, Says Gamers

Dishonored 2 will be using the infamous Denuvo DRM on PC, and people are not happy about that.

At some time over the weekend, Dishonored 2’s Steam page updated to show that Denuvo will be acting as the DRM for the game. It seems Steam will be doing this for all games protected by a third party DRM from now on.

Below is a snippet of how a Steam page will look if the title has third party DRM.


Denuvo is one of the most popular DRM for developers on PC because it makes it more difficult to pirate games. But Denuvo also receives severe backlash from gamers due to how it enforces its DRM.

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The Downside of Denuvo

One of the biggest issues is that Denuvo requires an internet connection. Basically, Denuvo will occasionally need to authenticate itself online before starting the game. It will first do so at the initial installation of the game and then it will allow the player to access the game for a few weeks, after which it will have to re-authenticate.

Now this might not seem like much, but there are fringe cases involved in where this is detrimental. First and foremost, countries with poor internet connections will have issues — especially if you’re unfortunate enough to lose connection during an update. Likewise, this also affects gamers that are deployed in the military that don’t have constant access to the internet.

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And since Denuvo requires an online authentication to allow gamers access to their games, this brings on the doomsday what-if scenario: what if Denuvo ever shuts down? Like with all DRM, should the servers ever go down for whatever reason, then the product that people paid for will be unavailable for them.

To add to this, Denuvo has proven to be very effective at preventing piracy. Pirates have only been able to crack a handful of games that use Denuvo. Should Denuvo ever go down, developers will have to patch out the DRM from their titles. Otherwise, players will be unable to access the game that they technically own.

Dishonored 2 will come out for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 11.

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