Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016 Deals: Nintendo 3DS Only $99.99! Best Game Bundles Here

Nintendo fans are in for a big treat. Nintendo is offering a terrific Black Friday 2016 deal for its brand new Nintendo 3DS. Players in the United States can buy one for as low as $99.99.

The Black Friday 2016 Nintendo 3DS are available in two special edition designs.

According to Polygon, this is the first time that any 3DS model has been available for less than $100. Only the Nintendo 2DS had a price cut in mid-May that made it available for $79.99.

Nintendo will mark the occasion by releasing the designs of the 3DS with the Mushroom Kingdom. It can be noted that Mario is indeed the official Nintendo mascot (unless it’s Pokemon, then it’s Pikachu).

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The designs – in black or in white – features popular characters from the franchise. This includes Mario, Toad and even power ups.

Players can buy the new devices starting on November 25. However, there’s no word yet if these deals will only be for the Black Friday weekend or a price cut itself. Nintendo also refused to give a “deadline” of sorts as to how long the price cut applies.

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Black Friday 2016: Nintendo 3DS Bundles?

However, there are still no news yet if the sale also applies to bundles of 3DS with games. The current 3DS XL, according to Nintendo, only features the stylus, an SD card and AR cards. This means it’s highly likely that the sale will not include games.

Of course, special 3Ds such as the Super Mario 3D Land version has the aforementioned game installed.

The rather discounted price for the Nintendo 3DS may be because of the unveiling of Nintendo’s new Switch device. Previously hinted as the NX, the Nintendo Switch is a “revolution” in gaming. Apparently it can be played both as a handheld and plugged in on television – effectively removing barriers between consoles.

Not only that, but its third-party support is also a tremendous good news for fans who want to play even the best AAA titles in a Nintendo console.

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