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World of Warcraft Download Patch 7.2 May Bring Back Sargeras; Warlords of Draenor Flop, Legion Speculated as the Last Expansion

Blizzard is currently enjoying its slate of World of Warcraft fans since Legion. Its Patch 7.2 may even bring an old enemy back. But is this the last?

Blizzard’s BlizzCon had a lot of twists and turns this year, as its slate of games such as World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch are also getting massive updates. Aside from the much-awaited Sombra reveal, it appears World of Warcraft is still making fans awe of its new features.

Its Patch 7.2 will introduce a new raid and a slate of new functions for World of Warcraft players. Titled The Tomb of Sargeras, players may even meet an old enemy in the flesh.

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The patch features a continuation of the Class Order campaign. Story-wise, this takes the fight against the remnants of the Burning Legion to the Broken Shore. However, gameplay-wise, this cements the implementation of the Class Order system. Unlike in previous expansions where players are organized into “factions,” players are now divided among their classes. Each class is in charge of specific tasks to build the Legionfall base to take the fight to the Burning Legion.

This means enemies from the then-previously Horde and Alliance will work together against a common threat. Players will even go to a new raid, the Tomb of Sargeras, and defeat an astounding nine new bosses.

Players have to take the fifth Pillar of Creation from the Nighthold in order to access the area. They will also be the first to see (and seal) the portal that the Legion is using to enter Azeroth.

According to the patch notes, the patch will also give access to the Cathedral of Eternal Night. This is a new dungeon and one that has been long overdue.

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The End for the World of Warcraft?

However, this slate of new patches is both good news and bad for the hit MMO. According to an interview with Destructoid, Blizzard developers did admit that mistakes were made in the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

It can be remembered that new features in the aforementioned expansion almost wrecked the entire game. World of Warcraft lost millions of players to some game-breaking changes in some mechanics introduced by Warlords.

Legion is desperately trying to reclaim the fanbase with its host of new features. But with Overwatch claiming the MMO spotlight, is it time to say goodbye to the decades-old franchise? Blizzard said Warlords was ultimately a learning experience.

Game director Ian Hazzikostas and lead software engineer Patrick Magruder explained just what went wrong in the franchise and how Legion is patching things up.

The quick release of Warlords was quite unlike Blizzard’s usual “ship it when it’s ready” mentality. Its 25-month turnaround since Mists of Pandaria proved to be a big mistake and ended up only supporting hardcore trailers.

They had to realize that hardcore players before now have families and have less time. The rather lack of content with Warlords is a turn-off to players. Legion will try to fix things with its new progression system that caters to players that dedicate certain amounts of time to the game. This means there will be player-tailored storytelling methods that take the game to the players on their pace.

As for classes, Hazzikostas said they are making slow progress in the department as they should, as they are currently fixing a slate of issues since Warlords‘ turnaround. Regardless, with a new patch underway and a host of new features to come, World of Warcraft still has room to change.

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